UXB nourish skin in the shower naturally

Nourishing at every cleansing stage is vital for healthy skin but we often neglect this when it comes to showering. With this in mind, British brand UXB has created a range of luxury shower creams that target different skin types – dry, oily, polluted, and mature.

Some shower products can strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture leaving it feeling tight and dull. UXB body washes are formulated with vitamin-rich oils and active ingredients that lock in moisture and feed the skin whilst in the shower. Each is packed with natural ingredients targeted at a specific skin condition.

Dry Skin - Frankincense & Argan Shower Cream
Vitamin E rich Argan and Avocado oils are combined with Tamanu oil to feed and soothe dry and dull skin. Frankincense and black pepper essential oils warm and smooth giving skin a healthy glow, whilst Glycerine combined with glyceryl oleate and stearic acid (naturally found in skin lipids) lock in the moisture and nutrients. 

Oily Skin - Brown Rice Milk & Raw Honey Shower Cream
Handmade Rice Milk, seasoned with Dead Sea salt, provides gentle cleansing with antioxidant properties. Raw Honey from London bees adds antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and helps soothe blocked pores. A blend of low comedogenic oils including Sweet Almond, Clary Sage and Evening Primrose oil moisturises and dilutes existing sebum helping the skin feel less oily without drying.

Polluted Skin - Juniper & Açaí Berry Shower Cream
Powerful antioxidant Acai and Juniper mop up damaging free radicals, whilst Black Cumin Seed oil tackles stubborn pollutants and strengthens the skin. 

Mature Skin - Rosehip & Comfrey Shower Cream
Rosehip moisturises and reduces discolouration, Rose Water plumps and soothes, and Evening Primrose oil feeds the skin with gamma-Linolenic acid promoting skin turnover resulting in fresher glowing complexion. 

UXB shower creams are available in the UK at uxbskincare.com