Nail Art Step by Step: Glow in the Dark Halloween Cats

It's time to get spooky with Salon System's nail expert Julie-Anne Larivière as she creates these Glow in the Dark Neon Cats nail art using Gellux products. 

Salon System Gellux Nail ArtStep One
File the nails to shape, push the cuticles back with the Gellux Cuticle Handy Manicure Tool and gently buff the surface of the nails with a white block.

Thoroughly wipe nails with Gellux Nail + File Cleansing Spray and a lint free pad. When the nails are dry, apply Fast Bond and let dry for 30 seconds.

Apply the Gellux Fast Bond and let dry for 30 seconds. Then apply one very thin layer of the Gellux Cover Pink Base Coat, cure for 30 seconds.

Salon System Gellux Nail ArtStep Two
Next, apply two coats of Gellux Black Onyx, curing in between layers.

Salon System Gellux Nail ArtStep Three
Dip a nail art brush into Gellux Purely White, then create the cat silhouettes in random places on each nail, cure.

Salon System Gellux Nail ArtStep Four
On a paint palette or a piece of foil, mix three small drops with Gellux Holographic No Wipe Top Coat, Gellux Orange A Peel, Gellux Snapshot and Gellux Ghost Train. Then, using a medium liner brush apply the colours onto the white cat silhouettes overlapping slightly onto the black. Cure for 60 seconds.

Step Five
Finally, apply the Gellux Mirror Glaze Top Coat and cure for 60 seconds. Next wipe the nails with Gellux Prep + Wipe and apply Gellux Nail and Cuticle Oil.