Bear Beauty Botanicals : The Super Cute, Super Sustainable, Eco Beauty Brand you *need* to know about!


Bear Beauty Botanicals is a gorgeous, on-trend beauty brand that has made sustainable, eco friendly products affordable & accessible to everyone.

Bear Beauty Botanicals is fun, bright, and far from boring. The eco-friendly beauty accessories, which range from the ‘Bear Buff' to the ‘Bear Pads' starting from just £8, are all fun and enjoyable and inspire customers to make small yet significant changes to their beauty routine. 

Claire, an ex-bridal makeup artist who lost her job during the pandemic, has always been extremely passionate about making more sustainable choices and wants to inspire others to do the same. 

She said: “
We are currently facing a climate change crisis and need to make small changes together so that we can make a positive impact. My products are made from Organic, natural and sustainable materials-they can also be reused multiple times which helps reduce the need of single use items and reduces consumption.”




Bear Beauty Botanicals' best-selling product is the bamboo cotton makeup remover pads, because they're super fun, and they come with three different types of pads - black for mascara, white for makeup removal, and bamboo terry cotton for taking off more stubborn makeup. All aspects are covered! 

Within the range starting from just £8.50 you can find;

  • Bear Ear Bamboo Spa Headband £10.50
  • Bear Buds Reusable Silicone Q- Tips £10.50
  • Cherry Blossom Infused Konjac Sponge £8.50
  • Eye & Face Bamboo Cotton Pads £12.50
  • Bear-Site Bundle £27.50



The inspiration behind Bear Beauty Botanicals' branding came as a light-bulb moment from Founder Claire while she was sitting in her front room.

Claire says: “
My nickname is 'Claire Bear' and knew straight away that I wanted it to be bear related, I also wanted it to be fresh, fun and catch peoples eye so knew I wanted to use bright colours in my branding.”

And the inspiration for her bear-themed products? Claire says: “All of the products I have designed technically all exist already, but I just wanted to put my 'bear' spin on them to make them a bit more fun and appeal to a younger (GenZ/millennial) audience.”