Add lash texture with new strip lash launches

Salon System Naturalash Texture lashes Three new Naturalash Strip Lashes have been launched by Salon System.

The new lashes form part of the lash brand's Texture category, and have been designed to create a delicate and wispy lash effect.

The strip lashes are ideal for adding depth to lashes whilst still creating a natural look. They are lightweight and flexible, and can be easily and quickly applied by professionals and also applied at home. They are also swift to remove.

Ruth Atkins, Salon System's lash and brow specialist and educator, says:

“Lashes have become less obvious in recent months, following the big trend of being soft, feathery, wispy and comfortable. The three new Texture Naturalash Strip Lashes from Salon System fit this trend beautifully. The 121 lash is a great daytime lash for oval and round faces, small and hooded eyes and it gives a very natural wispy finish. The 123 lash is similar but a little darker and fuller for more of a night time look or for darker hair and skin tones. The versatile 122 lash is perfect for a heart shaped, oval or square face. It is also great for almond eyes as it elongates the eye adding a little flick at the end.”.

Professionals can also benefit from Salon System's Creative Lash Technician Course. The one-day course covers strip lashes, individual/cluster lashes and Marvel-Lash Express as well as Salon System's five new signature lash techniques. For details of training courses, contact Training Solutions on 0208 8454115.

Salon System Naturalash Texture lashes are available in the UK from professional beauty wholesalers nationwide.