Is attractivness key to happiness?

Attractiveness is believed to be the key to happiness, along with a successful career, and a good love life, according to new research.

The study, commissioned by teeth whitening brand White Glo, claims that 83% of British people are lacking in confidence, with only 15% of women and 19% of men believing themselves to be attractive.

Almost half (49%) of those surveyed in the 18 to 34 year old age bracket thought they would be happier if they were more attractive, with 54% of this age group considering their friends to be more attractive than they are.

Approaching half (49%) of respondents notice a smile and find it attractive, although 34% feel so self-conscious of their teeth that they avoid smiling all together. Forty-one percent of 18 to 34 year olds also claim having better teeth would make them more outgoing.

According to White Glo, some tricks that will help improve your smile and sense of attractiveness include:

1. Perk up your skin

Add a light bronze glow to your skin. The contrast in colour will give the illusion of whiter teeth.

2. Skip staining drinks

Stay clear of red wine to avoid a magenta-hued smile. The cracks in enamel allow the pigmentation to settle on teeth and soak your smile after just a few sips.

3. Glow and go

Try teeth whitening strips which dissolve on your teeth in minutes, for an instantly whiter smile.

4. Rock red lipstick

A scarlet hue will cancel out yellow tones, and adding a gloss will further highlight your pearly whites.

5. Turn to Charcoal

Switch your usual toothpaste for one with whitening properties, or try an activated charcoal toothpaste to show off a sparkling smile.

The research was conducted amongst 2,000 British adults in December 2017.