UK Nail Tech winners announced

This year's UK Nail Tech competition has taken place at the NEC Birmingham, as part of the Beauty UK trade exhibition, with the overall UK Nail Tech 2018 and UK Student Nail Tech 2018 crowned.

Directed by champion Nail Artist Denise Wright, the event is sponsored by Cuccio and supported by ABT and Guild News magazine.

Andreea Ignat was named overall UK Nail Tech 2018. Andreea, originally from Romania but now based in London, was placed in four categories over the two-day event including Top Tech Pink & White Competition Nails, Salon Nail Challenge, Freestyle Nail Challenge, and Top Tech Stiletto.

UK Student Nail Tech 2018 was awarded to Mackenzie Clarke, who was also placed in four categories of the competition including Student Nail Challenge, Student Permanent Polish, Student Boxed Nail Art, and Student Snap Shot Challenge.

The full list of winners are as follows:

Top Tech Pink & White Competition Nails
1st Elaine Moore
2nd Anna Matusiak
3rd Andreea Ignat

Top Tech Permanent Polish
1st Lucy Price
2nd Anna Koghut
3rd Louise Huggard

Top Tech Dip System
1st Louise Huggard
2nd Rachel Ridout

Salon Nail Challenge
1st Andreea Ignat
2nd Kayley Cairns
3rd Ashleigh Blankley

Freestyle Nail Challenge
1st    Scarlett Senter
2nd    Andreea Agnat
3rd    Jo Wickens

Top Tech Stiletto
1st    Andreea Ignat
2nd    Kirsty McDounough
3rd    Zsuzanna Fecsik

Top Tech Photographic Classic
1st Scarlett Senter
3rd Simone Radley
3rd Marie-Louise Coster

Top Tech Photographic Nail Art
1st    Scarlett Senter
2nd    Viktoria Gvazba
3rd    Simone Radley

Designer Disc
1st Scarlett Senter
2nd Tina Li
3rd Gail Nicolls

Top Tech Boxed Nail Art - Hand Painted
1st    Natsuko Tkanishi
2nd    Anna Natusiak
3rd    Agnieszka Hausman

Top Tech Boxed Nail Art - Mixed Media
1st    Katie Willets
2nd    Rachel Hanks
3rd    Sinead Dunleavy-Bulley

Student Tip & Overlay Challenge
1st    Mackenzie Clarke
2nd    Katherine Judge
3rd    Cara Holmes

Student Permanent Polish
1st    Mackenzie Clarke
2nd    Megan Stokes
3rd    Katherine Judge

Student Shap Shot Challenge
1st    Laura Anikanovaite
2nd    Mackenzie Clarke
3rd    Emily Mason

Student Boxed Nail Art
1st    Emily Misson
2nd    Katherine Judge
3rd    Mackenzie Clarke