Top five tips for successful remote learning

With Virtual Learning becoming an integral part of your college experiences for the foreseeable future, Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School has put together some top tips to make learning and studying at home not only easier, but more productive! 

Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School is currently offering two courses that are all virtual making them suitable for both Ireland and UK (and beyond!) students. 

Our CIBTAC Level 2 Skincare Theory Award is designed to train you to become a Skin Care Influencer or Blogger (we are the only School worldwide to offer this qualification!), whilst our Teaching qualifications enable you to teach at Private or Further Education Colleges.

Our virtual courses are conducted via Zoom with a live tutor and full interaction so you are not alone learning at all.

However, we know all too well the challenges that remote learning can cause, so these simple tips will make your experience that little bit easier and less daunting.

As we're an International Beauty College and we offer courses all over the world, remote learning for our international students is integral, so if you're one of our international students (hello and welcome), we hope you find these tips helpful! 

#1. Plan your space

Have a place where you can go to learn. If you're lucky enough to have a study, great - but we understand not everyone is fortunate enough to have their own office space. 

Our advice is set up in a quiet area of your home, whether that's a desk in your bedroom or your living room table. Make sure it's a space where there's minimal interruption to allow you to focus on the task at hand. 

Have your desk clean and neat with all the tools you'll need to use throughout your class or study session. 

Make sure you can work in a space where there's minimal interruption to allow you to focus. Have your desk clean and neat with all the tools you'll need to use throughout your class or study session.
#2. Practice good time management

While our classes are live so you'll feel like you're still sitting in our classroom, remote learning still requires good time management. 

Prepare for your day as if you're going into our college. Get ready, have a healthy breakfast so you're ready to learn. Set time in the evening for some study, so you're on top of the course, and you won't feel overwhelmed when exam time comes around.

#3. Hold yourself accountable

In order to hold yourself accountable, set certain goals you'd like to achieve for the duration of the course, and check in weekly on how you're doing and to keep on top of your different goals. 

If you feel you're not meeting them, why not pair with a classmate for an accountability partner where you both encourage each other to continue to work hard and keep your eyes on your clear set goals. 

#4. Ask questions!

While we know you can't simply raise your hand like you can in-person, our expert Tutors are of course more than happy to help with any questions you have regarding anything you're struggling with and will be happy to advise anyway we can. You can of course raise your hand in our virtual classroom, but if you don't feel comfortable doing that you're always welcome to email or phone us. 

#5. Get some fresh air

Don't forget to get out for some fresh air and exercise daily! Whether it's a simple walk around the block, or you're a gym fan. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and you'll feel the benefits of daily exercise that will not only boost your mood, your brain will thank you for it too!

For details of Online Learning at Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School visit, email: or telephone 00353 (1) 210 7848.

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