Skin Proud X Laura Callaghan revealed

Skin Proud X Laura CallaghanVegan skincare brand, Skin Proud, has partnered with illustrator Laura Callaghan to create a limited edition bag design in her own unique style as the brand launches its second set of products.

The bold design shows a diverse group of people adorned with stretch marks and blemishes getting ready in a bathroom, in line with Skin Proud's ethos of encouraging body positivity and self-love.

Commenting on the collaboration with Laura Callaghan, Nora Zukauskaite, Global Head of Marketing at Skin Proud, says: 

“We're really proud to be supporting another creative in our mission to spread skin and body positivity. Our message and skin-loving movement is so important to us, so we're really excited to be working with Laura whose confidence and individuality so clearly shines through her work and is at the heart of what she does.” 

“My illustrations are all about embracing real bodies, and so was thrilled to be contacted by Skin Proud, whose messaging is so body positive and encourages people to be proud in their own skin.

“We wanted to include a variety of characters using the products in a tranquil environment so a bathroom seemed like an ideal setting. It was important that all the character's didn't have ‘perfect skin' as Skin Proud proudly embraces all skin types so we wanted this to come through in the finished piece.”
Skin Proud has previously partnered with spoken word poet and trans visibility activist, Kai-Isaiah Jamal, to create an uplifting, positive message to celebrate the brand's launch."