Salon Selfie urges self groomers to go viral

A new social media initiative is hoping to go viral and raise funds for charities including The Hair & Beauty Charity and those support NHS workers.

Selfie Salon encourages us to post a ‘before' and ‘after' self-grooming selfie on social media at the same time as making a donation to a chosen charity. In addition, you are asked to tag/nominate five friends and one celebrity, to help the campaign grow virally. 

Partnering with The Hair and Beauty Charity Relief Fund, charities supporting NHS front-line workers, housing charities, and the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, so far Selfie Salon has raised over £4,000. 

The Salon Selfie initiative has been developed by Matt Hagger, who explains:

“We are all feeling the effects of self isolation, and our appearances are starting to show it. Our hair is getting a bit unruly, and the ladies nails are suffering, but the beauty salon and grooming parlours are closed. So we have one option. A do it yourself job. Which is bound to create some disasters and lots of smiles. So let's share the smiles and pay for the disasters through donations to the people, businesses and organisations that are giving everything to us as the world reals from the effects of this awful virus. Whatever you would have spent on the grooming, (albeit you might have asked for a refund!), now put to a good cause through Selfie Salon. Every single penny donated goes directly to your chosen charity.”