Sachajaun introduce year round beachy tresses

Sachajaun has launched Ocean Mist Hair Cream, to create beach-style tresses all year round. 

The cream joins Sachajaun's Ocean Mist Collection, which also features Ocean Mist Spray, Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo and Ocean Mist Volume Conditioner.

The new gel-based hair cream recreates the saltwater feel that hair gets after a long day at the beach, with a creamy formula that easily moulds into the hair adding grip, volume and texture. 

Use before air drying or dry hair using a diffuser to create beach looking curls and waves. Alternatively, use before blow drying as a foundation product to add grip and volume to hair. Whereas Whereas Sachajaun Ocean Mist Spray has been designed to style longer hair, this new cream formula is ideal for shorter hair. 

Sachajaun Ocean Mist Hair Cream is available from Sweet Squared