Sacahjuan reveal dandruff-busting scalp exfoliator

Sacahjuan Scalp ScrubProfessional hair care brand, Sacahjuan, has launched a new Scalp Scrub to deep cleanse and purify the skin on the scalp. 

Suitable for oily scalps and gentle enough for sensitive scalps, this gentle exfoliator is formulated with natural Sucrose which exfoliates and unclogs the skin on the scalp, removing dandruff, built-up oils and dead skin cells, as well we promoting new cell growth. 

In addition, dry dandruff is removed by Climbazole, which stops itchiness and restores balance on oily and sensitive scalps. Shea Butter and Soybean Oils have emolliating properties, locking moisture within the scalp and hair without any greasiness.

As well as being used as a weekly treatment massaged into wet hair and then rinsed, Sacahjuan Scalp Scrub can also be used as a post-colour treatment to prevent the tingling and itching associated with colouring hair.