Preparing to reopen: Make sure your clients know your new salon rules

Nail educator and salon owner Julie-Anne Larivière comments on how to get your clients prepared for returning to your salon. 

Julie-Anne Larivière
It's all good getting yourself prepared to return to work but without your clients your business cannot survive so it is just as important that you also get them ready for your return.

Your clients will appreciate it if you keep them in the know of your plans, how you are tackling your return. If you require them to wear a mask on arrival or if you will provide it, that they should wash and sanitise their hands upon arrival and departure, that handbags, keys and phones should be left in a designated area etc.

Make a list of everything you will expect from them and send it to them prior to their appointment with you so they are fully aware of what you expect from them.

As we all know appointment requests are coming left, right and center so preparing a waiting list is a good way of keeping everything in control. Make sure they are fully aware that you may not have as many appointments available to ensure you get the time to safely clean your workplace in between appointments. 

Walk-in appointments are not advised (and in some areas not permitted), so to avoid turning people away send out emails, texts and post on social media. It also has to be well sign posted outside your salon to keep clients in the know before they come in. 

Make clients aware that they should come to their appointment alone and that they should respect the social distancing rule within waiting areas (for larger salons) or that they should respect the one in one out rule if you work from a room/from home.

Make a list of everything you will expect from clients during their appointment and send it to them so they are fully aware of what will happen.
If you wish to go cashless or if you have an alternative for people wanting to pay by cash (i.e. have the exact amount ready in an envelope), let your clients know with plenty of notice.

The things you should have plenty in stock are nitrile gloves, masks (ideally FFP2 or N95 types), hand wash and sanitiser, disposable paper towels, tool disinfecting solution (industry approved/hospital grade), files and buffers (you will need to dispose of these after each client). 

To save time cleaning, get enough tools ready to last you a day so you can safely clean and disinfect them all at the end of the day rather than between appointments. 

Consider getting disposable table towels otherwise make sure you change and have new towels for each client and that they are washed on a hot wash.

Make sure you have effective antibacterial cleaning products for sinks, worktops, toilets, door handles and floors.

Disposable aprons are also a good extra to have to hand, make sure you change it after each appointment or have suitable workwear that you take off before leaving the salon. Make sure to also wash your clothes on a hot wash.

You can also have separate boxes to store your “contaminated" tools and clean tools in. 

Julie-Anne Larivière is a Salon System Nail Expert and Owner of Sketched by J-A Nails.

First published July 2020.