Maddie Regan opens new Nail Academy

The Nail Academy at 81 Rose Garden in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire has been launched by Maddie Regan.

The academy offers training in nail physiology and health, advanced gel and acrylic application, electric filing, nail art techniques and refresher opportunities for professionals, as well as promoting your nail business via social media. Maddie piloted her first course earlier this month.

Commenting on the launch of her nail academy, Maddie Regan says:

“Nail Art has really taken off over the last few years. Our nail services are booked solid for weeks in advance as there is a tremendous interest in it, particularly via platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. At 81 Rose Garden we have always believed in sharing our expertise. We like to encourage people to join the industry, secure in the knowledge that they are learning best practice from dedicated professionals.

“There's so much in the industry that is new. We teach techniques, obviously, such as E-filing, ombre and encapsulation, and delicate finishes including mermaid, cable knit and marbling. We also offer advice as to how to set up your Instagram post, take amazing photos and best promote your business.” 

Despite not being able to book exact dates during these troubling times, Maddie reports a great response to her academy launch, saying:

“We already have a number of people expressing a firm interest. These courses will provide a great opportunity for people who are looking for a new career.”