Light Elegance celebrate the Year of the Woman

Nail experts Light Elegance have introduced new summer shades to their Buttercream range, with a collection celebrating the Year of the Woman.

The collection comprises vivid hues with delicate undertones, reflecting the spectrum of strong women we celebrate in society today.

Lezlie McConnell, Light Elegance Co-Owner, says:

“It is the Year of the Woman, and we are seeing strong women everywhere like never before. This collection was inspired by the many kinds of women leaders and is as diverse as us women are. 

“Strong, bold colors are complemented by some softer tones, matching the many different styles and personalities of women today. No matter what shape or size or color, women are taking charge of their future and all are united by their strength. We're doing the same at Light Elegance with our passion for industry-leading color and products as strong as we are.”

Light Elegance's Buttercream Year of the Woman collection includes: 

Light Elegance Buttercream Beautiful & Bold
Beautiful & Bold
A bright warm cream magenta.

Light Elegance Buttercream Boss Lady
Boss Lady
A bold pink mauve.

Light Elegance Buttercream Confident Coral
Confident Coral
A sweet cream confident coral.

Light Elegance Buttercream Female and Fabulous
Female and Fabulous
A soft white with a slight touch of shimmer. 

Light Elegance Buttercream Sassy Lassie
Sassy Lassie
A sassy, bright, bold cherry tomato red.

Light Elegance Buttercream Sisterhood
A blue purple periwinkle with a shift changing shimmer. 

Light Elegance's Year of the Woman collection is available from Sweet Squared.