Light Elegance dream of summer '21 nails

Light Elegance Dream in Color Summer 2021

Professional nail brand, Light Elegance, has launched its Summer 2021 collection of gels, gel polishes and glitter gels. 

Light Elegance Dreaming in ColorDreaming in Color is a collection of six Light Elegance Color Gel and P+ Gel Polishes and six Glitter Gel and P+ Glitter Polishes, inspired by enchanting dreams.

Colours include delicate, fuchsia and lavender pinks, creamy tan nudes, bright teal and coral, along with fine glitters of aqua blue, pink jewel tones, peachy tan, rose gold, neon matte pink, and tangerine orange. 

Commenting on the launch of the new Dreaming in Color collection, Light Elegance co-owner Lezlie McConnell, says:

“This collection captures every kind of dream through colour, from the sweetest to the wildest, and fills us with inspiration and hope—something we can never have enough of. Colour is where creativity comes to life. When we dream, colour becomes vivid, personal and emotional, and Dreaming in Color allows that passionate process to unfold in the salon.”