Lava Shells founder launches Sensory Retreats

A new range of holistic treatments and products, developed by founder of the Lava Shell and kokolokahi brands, has been unveiled, launching this month at Stoke Park Hotel & Spa in Buckinghamshire.

Sensory Retreats is a new product house and holistic wellbeing brand created by Clare Anderson, and will be available to other selected spas from March 2020. It aims to take the spa experience to the next level, offering an exclusive sensorial journey of natural ingredients, unique massage techniques, the healing power of touch, mindful experiences, crystals and sounds, and bringing balance through the power of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. 

Massage treatments include the Sensory Retreats Divine Escape Massage and the Sensory Retreats Lava Shells Massage. At the heart of each massage is the Sensory Retreats Oil, which is combined with advanced massage techniques. Sensory Retreats in initially launching at Stoke Park with the Mandala Flow massage.

Sensory Retreats Custom Bowl Treatment

Commenting on the introduction of Sensory Retreats at Stoke Park Hotel & Spa, Anna Thomas, Spa Director, says: 

“I am so excited to be welcoming Sensory Retreats into Stoke Park Spa. A spa experience should awaken all of your senses and ensure you take a moment to stop and refresh and I feel that the new oils and treatments from Sensory Retreats deliver this perfectly. The Mandala Flow massage is pure heaven and really delivers what a spa experience should for you. We are delighted to be having the treatment exclusively at Stoke Park and are excited to welcome our spa guests to enjoy it with us.”