Lash Perfect launch British lash collection

Lash Perfect have introduced Lash Perfect British, a collection of eyelash enhancements to meet the demand for natural-looking, elegant everyday lashes. 

Creating a low-maintenance look, Lash Perfect British complements fairer skin tones and creates a more delicate look than glamourous, voluminous Russian lash styles. In addition, clients can go longer between infills. 

The British look is created with eyelash extensions in 0.05 and 0.15 in an assortment of lengths, in black or dark brown options. Designed with a natural C curl in a pre-styled pack, lashes are applied with a new Lash Perfect clear adhesive, Ultimate II Clear.

The Lash Perfect British Starter Kit includes Pre-styled Lashes 0.05 Black, 0.15 Black, 0.15 Brown C Curl, Flat Tray Lashes 0.15 Black C Curl, Mink Brown Lash Tray 0.07 C Curl and Ultimate II Clear Adhesive.
Sets of lashes can also be purchased without the full kit, as can trays of flat lashes.

Commenting on the launch of Lash Perfect British, Lash Perfect Founder, Beverley Piper, comments:

“This unique new lash-look, represents the growing demand of natural beauty and celebrates the British culture. Our goal is to bring new clients to lash extensions, customers who usually wouldn't consider lash extensions for fear of the look being too volumizing now have a natural glamourous alternative. Our goal is for British to become a recognised lash treatment in the same way as Russian is a requested lash treatment!''