Lash FX introduce Classic Russian Lashes

Lash FX Classic Russian LashesLash specialists Lash FX have introduced Classic Russian Lashes to their collection of eyelash enhancements.

These new lashes enable lash technicians to create voluminous lashes easily, and are available in C, B, D and L Curls in super fine (0.05) and extra fine (0.07); they come in lengths from 8mm - 15mm, so you have options to treat all clients, no matter what their preferred lash look. 

C curls have a deep curve and give a gentle lift to the lash line, helping to open the eye, and are suitable for most clients. B Curls has a straight base and a curl at the tip, which gives a gentle flick to lashes. Also suitable for most lash types, B Curls create natural looking lash. 

For clients looking for a dramatic curl, the D Curl lash is ideal; use it on naturally curly lashes for best results. When glamour is the order of the day, the L Curl adds drama to lashes, and is especially suited on straight lashes with no natural curl.

Lash FX's Classic Russian Lashes come away from the strip with ease, and when applied using Lash FX's fast drying adhesives, such as Strong Adhesive or Extra Fast Strong Adhesive, will give deliver a lash look that lasts.

As well as available to purchase separately, Lash FX Classic Russian Lashes also come in the FX Classic Russian Kit which also includes the brand's Easy Lift Tweezers and Adhesive.

Lash FX Classic Russian Lashes are available in the UK from The Eyelash Design Company and