What to consider when choosing a uniform for your salon

John Armstrong Custom PlanetAs any salon owner knows, presenting a professional image can be key to the success of your beauty business. 

A smart, presentable staff uniform tells your clients that your service is completely professional, and it will reassure them they're in good hands when they come for a treatment. Here, I'll be sharing my top tips on what to look for when designing your first salon uniform.  

First things first: appearance is everything. Looking groomed and put-together is part of the job, and it will show that your staff really know their stuff and can be trusted to make customers look great, too. You want your uniform to be matching, as this will show your clients that your staff are a team and help to create a consistent brand image which is specific to your salon. 

A simple fitted tunic or shirt with trousers is chic, smart and immediately conveys a sense of professionalism. 

Your staff will work best when they're comfortable. Hair stylists, massage therapists and nail technicians will need a uniform that allows for complete freedom of movement to do their jobs effectively, so be sure to choose shirts and blouses that will allow the arms to be free. 

Most salons go for a fitted short-sleeve tunic style shirt for this reason: this looks smart and professional, while also being breathable and non-restrictive. Tunics with concealed buttons or asymmetrical fastenings are very popular, as this prevents hair from catching in the buttons or otherwise getting in the way during styling work. 

When picking a style, don't forget to choose uniform options for both genders, and consider whether it will be comfortable for different body types. If you're not sure, it's always a good idea to consult your staff on what items they find most comfortable: this will ensure everyone is happy and has a uniform they can wear with pride.  

Choose a practical, washable fabric 
Nail polish, massage oils, tanning agents, hair dye…the list of possible spills your therapists and stylists will face on a daily basis goes on. In a busy salon, it's inevitable that your staff uniforms will pick up their fair share of stains and dirt — after all, for a beauty therapist, it's part of the job. That's why it's so essential to choose a fabric that hides the dirt, is easy to clean, and will stand up to frequent washing.

Darker colours are very practical, which is why most salons favour a black uniform. If you want to add some colour, go for a uniform with coloured trims, buttons, or other details. Stretch cotton or polyester blends will wash well, and they're also comfortable and lightweight to wear. To make life easier for your staff, go for an easy-care or no-iron fabric, too. 

beauty salon uniform
Choose uniform options for both genders, and consider whether it will be comfortable for different body types.
Adding personalised branding
Finally, remember to make your uniform unique to your business with some elegant personalised branding. Adding your logo to the front and back of your uniform is a simple step, but it can go a long way in terms of projecting a professional image. 

Remember, if your chosen uniform is black, then you won't be able to use a dark logo. An embroidered white logo always makes an impression, as do hot pinks and other bright, eye-catching shades. 

A uniform can make your staff look well-groomed, professional, and approachable, and it's a great way to project a good brand image. Bear my tips in mind when selecting your uniform to really make a good impression on your clients. 

John Armstrong is Director and Co-Owner of branded workwear and printwear specialist, Custom Planet.