Innovative RevAir offers reverse-air drying

RevAir hairdryer

The RevAir hairdryer offers a speedy blow drying solution in the salon and at home, using reverse-air suction technology to dry hair in a faster time than traditional blow drying. 

The RevAir features seven speeds, high and low heat, or no heat for a cold shot. It is said to use 50% less energy than a conventional hairdryer, and blow dry hair three times faster. 

Whilst traditional hair dryers blow hot air out onto the hair, the RevAir sucks wet hair in, pulling surface water away. Hair is dried evenly from root to tip, and because the air flows in the natural direction of the cuticles, hair is less frizzy and sleeker.

Developed over five years, the RevAir is already a hit with bloggers internationally as well as Trichologists and hair care professionals.