Harley unveil anti-irritation wax retail products

Harley Waxing have released two new retail products – an exfoliating scrub and ingrown hair solution – to tackle the pain of post-wax irritation and prevent ingrown hairs. 

New Harley Wax Ingrown Hair Solution reduces the build-up of dead skin cells that can block pores, leading to irritation and ingrown hairs. The solution is formulated with plant extracts, Arnica and Allantoin.

Used straight after waxing and then every day by clients, the solution will soothe and treat skin, leaving it calm, refreshed and smooth, with a noticeable reduction in bumps and redness.

Also new, Harley Waxing Pomegranate Fruit Scrub prepares skin before waxing. Gentle exfoliation gets skin ready for waxing, and helps keep post-wax smoothness for longer. The oil-free formulation gently exfoliates and moisturises, leaving no oily residue that can interfere with waxing treatment and lead to blocked pores and ingrown hairs.

Pomegranate Fruit Scrub can also be used two or three days post-wax, to condition the skin and minimise ingrown hairs.

Both new products complement Harley Waxing's range of professional hair removal products, and are ideal to retail to clients.