Treat skin & wellbeing with new light therapy mask

Déesse PRO have launched the first medical-grade LED mask to feature near-infrared 1070nm wavelength technology to treat the effects of ageing and acne whilst also addressing clients' wellbeing. 

An FDA-cleared Class II Medical device, the Déesse PRO EOS-X is designed in the UK and precision-engineered in Korea. 

Five clinically-proven wavelengths of blue, green, red, near-infrared and 1070nm light biostimulate on multiple levels. It has two medical modes for treating ageing and acneic skins. In addition, there are three skin-focused treatment modes to target hyperpigmentation,

photoageing, rosacea, PIH and post-procedure recovery. A new contoured neck attachment integrates blue light for targeting ageing and problematic skin.

What's more, two wellness treatment modes address conditions including disrupted sleep, low-level anxiety, depleted energy, adrenal fatigue, serotonin deficiency and circadian rhythm health. 

Harpar Grace International (HGI)