Square barrel styling for long-lasting curls

Chopstick StylerThe Chopstick Styler has been launched, with four different barrel types, offering easy and fast styling of dramatic curls, beachy waves, or enhancing natural curl texture.

The styler uses a rectangular barrel; this is because atoms in hair are held tightly by hydrogen bonds which weaken when heat is applied. By using a wand with edges, squarer curls are produced which set more securely. 

Barrels are produced from professional grade titanium with the styler reaching an ultra high heat of 210°C. Chopstick Styler say that curls created using their tool will last from 24 hours to two days!

Choose from four different Chopstick Stylers: Hero for voluminous, wild, tight curls; Long for wild, tight curls on longer hair; Chunky for defined, glamorous, bouncy curls; and Master for chic, effortless, zig zag waves.

The Chopstick Styler is available along with the brand's hair care oil infusions formulated with Brazilian Maracuja oil, Mexican Avocado oil and South American Jojoba oil.