Kevin.Murphy introduces six new Color.Me shades

Professional hair brand Kevin.Murphy has extended its Color.Me collection of hair shades launching six new hues.

Taking inspiration from the “Quiet Luxury” trend, the Color.Me Effortless Natural Shades collection focusses on creating smooth, natural looks for clients that are trading in high-maintenance looks and opting for lived-in, natural, elegant finishes. 

The six new colours comprise two Matte shades for cooler looks on dark hair or a more natural brunette or dark blond, two Ash.Violet shades for a natural blonde finish on medium to light hair, and two Violet shades for light-haired clients who want to achieve a cooler blonde.

Commenting on the launch of the new Color.Me shades, Kevin Murphy says:

“With these new ammonia-free, high-performance shades, we prove that rich, natural, classic colours do not have to lack interest. Fast becoming salon essentials by proving radiant, clean, timeless brunettes and blondes that embrace elegant minimalism for your clients.”

Available from May from Sweet Squared, the Color.Me Effortless Natural Shades are free of PPD and ammonia, formulated with naturally-derived ingredients including honey, pomegranate, shea butter, rosehip, coconut oil and aloe vera.

Sweet Squared