CND launch nail & cuticle care duo kit

Nail care experts CND have launched their most popular retail items in a Duo Kit, ideal for clients to take away travelling and for salons to retail. 

The kit includes award-winning SolarOil and Cuticle Erase Gentle Exfoliator.

CND SolarOil rejuvenates the nails with a formulation of Jojoba Seed Oil, Rice Bran, Sweet Almond Oil and Vitamin E. The oil penetrates deeply into the cuticles and nails, preventing brittleness and promoting nail growth. 

CNDCuticle Erase Gentle Exfoliator features Alpha-Hydroxy acids (AHAs) which exfoliate the cuticles, preventing cuticle build up and hang nails, and moisturise the nail plate.

CND's new Duo Kit is available from Sweet Squared from 16th July.