CACI rebrands to reflect more inclusive treatments

In line with their growing treatment range suitable for male and female clients, CACI has rebranded to demonstrate its fully inclusive treatment offering.

CACI's machine technology has evolved since the brand's inception two decades ago, and is now no longer just about offering anti-ageing treatments but offers unisex solutions for all ages and all skin types, enabling therapists to create bespoke skin therapies for each client.

To reflect this evolution, CACI have introduced new marketing materials featuring women and men of all ages and skin types, more accurately representing their client base. A new colour palette has also been introduced to reflect the company's more contemporary ethos. A whole new collection of brochures, display materials and advertising has been launched.

Commenting on the rebrand, CACI International's Managing Director, Dean Nathanson, says: 

“I felt that the l CACI brand was still primarily focused on the core CACI “Non -Surgical Face Lift” treatment and our materials only identified with women of a certain age.”