Ashley Roberts loves Cocoa Brown tanning

Pussy Cat Doll Ashley Roberts has expressed her love for Irish tan brand Cocoa Brown, saying it's her favourite way to tan.

Posting a video on her Instagram as she applies Cocoa Brown products, Ashley says:

“I have teamed up with @cocoabrowntan – it is fab and has been giving me life for months, my new holiday go-to and it is just so easy to apply, it doesn't smell like that nasty tan smell which reminds me of backstage. I did a layer the night before my holiday and I have just done a top up of the medium mousse which is my favourite product, the miracle mist face spray is perfect for a gorgeous natural glow (if like me you keep your face outta the sun!)”

Ashley's choice of products includes Cocoa Brown's  Cocoa Brown's Medium Mousse, Miracle Mist Tanning Water and the Velvet Tanning Mitt.