Male grooming spend tops womens'

British men spend more on grooming products each month compared to women, according to new research.

The study, conducted for Barclaycard, found that British men spend on average £40.90 per month on grooming products, and £39.30 per month on grooming treatments. This compares to £35.30 per month and £37.10 per month respectively for women.

Top style icons for men are Tom Cruise, David Beckham and George Clooney, says the study.

Josh Newis-Smith, Fashion Expert, comments:

“Aside from the a-list, men are awash with style influences wherever they turn and social media has had a heavy impact on the way men behave. One scroll on Instagram and not only will they see outfit inspiration but they will also be served body goals aplenty. Never before have men been so image obsessed from whether they have the same abs as their gym buddy to if their hair is perfectly coiffed.

“Coupled with a confidence that only age can give and the fact that more well-dressed 'worldly wise' men are monopolising mainstream media, the male consumer is exercising his spending power with a new sense of conviction.”