Two new body care kits launched by Italian skincare brand

Professional skincare brand Dibi Milano have introduced two new home care treatment kits for the body. 

Dibi Milano Shape Refine has been created to streamline critical areas, remodelling the silhouette and firming skin. The kit includes Dibi Milano Shaping Cream, a thermo-active for reducing fluid and counteracting stubborn localised curves, and Fat-Fighting Shaping Cream-Mousse enriched with active ingredients that promote the lipolytic process of fatty acids, accelerating their disposal and reducing the formation of new fat deposits.

Also new, the Dibi Milano Tonic Lifter Kit firms and tones the skin, fighting the signs of laxity and ageing. It includes Firming Youth Cream enhanced with Oxy-Driver to preserve the skin's youthfulness, along with Firming Treatment for Specific Areas, an intensive serum which targets tissues that need lifting whilst minimising the visibility of sagging skin.

Each of the new body care kits comes in a stylish pouch.

Dibi Milano