The Gel Bottle Inc. reveals more HEMA-free builder gels

The GelBottle Inc.Exciting news from The Gel Bottle Inc. with the announcement that five new HEMA-free BIAB™ shades have dropped this week.

The brand's HEMA-free BIAB™ (Builder in a Bottle) formulation initially launched last year with six shades along with HEMA-Free Bond Base and Glow Top.

Now five more HEMA-free colours have been developed that enable you to offer builder gel treatments to all your clients. 

The formulation can strengthen natural nails and deliver three to four weeks' wear time.

New colours include Bon Bon, a creamy pink; Rose, a baby pink; Meringue, a white perfect for French tips; Bebe, a sweet pink; and Choux, a cool mauve.

The Gel Bottle
Pictured left to right: Rose, Meringue, Choux, Bon Bon and Bebe.
Products are available individually and as HEMA-Free Kits for TGB Academy BIAB™ courses.

The Gel Bottle Inc. also launched a gel and acrylic hybrid HEMA-Free enhancement system ProForm™ last year enabling you to cater for all clients' nail needs. 

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