SkinCeuticals' new multi-acid serum addresses signs of ageing

SkinCeuticals Cell Cycle CatalystCosmeceutical skin brand SkinCeuticals has launched a new anti-ageing serum created to accelerate cell turnover to tackle skin discolouration and wrinkles and improve the efficacy of in-salon and at home treatments.

SkinCeuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst is formulated with a 7.7% Multi-Acid Complex of AHAs and BHAs to increase cell turnover and eliminate dead cells from the skin's surface and 1% Taurine amino acid to boost cellular energy and maintain cellular hydration.

In an eight week trial, results showed a reduction in fine lines, skin discolouration and visible pores whilst skin radiance improved and the appearance of acne scarring lessened. 

Clients are recommended to apply the serum once a day, either morning or evening, to cleansed skin ahead of their day or night moisturiser.