Sea Ór launch seaweed-based supplements

An innovative range of premium supplements are being launched by seaweed specialist Voya's sister company, Sea Ór, including a product for the body, and another for skin, hair and nails. 

Sea Ór was created to enable people to enjoy the benefits of seaweed in their diet without having to eat it. The seaweed based supplements have been developed by the brand's resident scientist and nutrition expert, working closely with the Nutrition Innovation Centre for Food and Health (NICHE) at Ulster University, Coleraine over an 18 month period.

Key ingredient in the Sea Ór supplements is Orplex™, a seaweed-based formula. It contains two types of seaweed: Laminaria Digitata (also known as Kelp) and Fucus Serratus, harvested off the west coast of Ireland, each of which has been shown to be beneficial to health. Orplex™ is rich in powerful antioxidant Fucoxanthin as well as Phlorotannins which control free radicals. Fucoidan has beneficial effects on the immune system, whilst Alginate is a good source of fibre. In addition, Orplex™ is packed with vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C to support Collagen formation and Zine to promote normal DNA synthesis. 

Sea Ór Body Detox & Cleansing Supplement also features Psyllium Husks to promote a healthy digestive system, and anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant Burdock Root.

In addition to Orplex™, the unique formation of Sea Ór Hair Skin & Nails contains Selenium to protect cells from oxidative stress, Biotin and Vitamin A to support maintenance of normal hair and skin, and probiotics  to support a healthy gut.

Sea Ór supplements are available from February online.