Pico500 & pico300 introduced for coloured tattoo removal

 pico300 Aesthetic equipment supplier, Cambridge Stratum, has introduced the Stratum pico500 and pico300 as effective laser devices for tattoo removal treatments. 

Picosecond lasers are hailed for their effectiveness in the removal of tattoos of any colour with less potential damage to the skin thanks to the photothermal effect created by high power but less heat; the Stratum pico300 machine offers up to 16x more power for the same fluence as a 5ns Q switch laser.

The Stratum pico500 and pico300 can also be used in clinic for skin rejuvenation and skin resurfacing treatments. 

John Culbert, Managing Director at Cambridge Stratum, explains: 

“These machines [Stratum pico500 and pico300] really will make waves in the industry, especially with the demand for the removal of colour tattoos on the rise. Since lockdown has ended, we have seen the demand for laser tattoo removal devices increase significantly, particularly those looking to invest in state-of-the-art picosecond technology.”

Lou Sommereux, Clinic Director at Cosmex Clinic, Cambridge Stratum's associated company, adds:

“Tattoo removal is becoming more and more requested at the clinic, particularly male patients. Where we find the pico300 particularly beneficial is when treating large tattoos with the large 10mm spot size and when treating multiple colour tattoos.”

She adds:

“For a long time, some patients have thought laser tattoo removal was ineffective against coloured tattoos, but that is simply not the case with the pico300. In the past, less powerful devices were slow and struggled to break down colour pigment, but this picosecond laser allows us to effectively break down virtually all colours, on all skin types. The result, faster treatment times, and happier patients - it's a great investment for clinics like ours.”