Olverum launch retinol-alternative Facial Oil

Olverum Pure Radiance Facial Oil Renowned for their Bath Oil, Olverum have launched a new botanical based facial oil to refresh and revive skin, tackling tired, dull skin, visible pores and uneven skin tone. 

Olverum Pure Radiance Facial Oil is formulated with Bakuchiol, the first natural retinol alternative, to firm, plump and balance the tone of skin without causing irritation. This botanical extract works synergistically with Rosehip and Cacay Oils to prevent the dry, harsh breakouts traditional Retinol products can cause. In addition, CBD alternative Patchouli extract, a phytocannabidol which activates dermal CBD-2 receptors, calms habitually held expressions which can emphasise the look of aged skin.

Skin is further nourished thanks to Olverum's F, A, C, E Vitamin formulation of Cacay Oil (Vitamin F), Rosehip Oil (Vitamin A), oil-soluble Vitamin C biotically-sourced from Corn, and Vitamin E (Tocopherol).

The oil is fragranced with energising Cardamom, calmative Russian Clary Sage Oil.

With regular use, Olverum Pure Radiance Facial Oil calms signs of skin irritation, plumps fine lines and reduces the appearance of pores, blemishes and pigmentation, brightens and soothes skin.