NHS staff offered free body & mind training

Boutique gym group and fitness brand, Starks Fitness, is launching a free and bespoke mind and body training plan for NHS staff as they battle Covid-19 on the frontline.

The plan focuses on health workers' mental and physical wellbeing, and encourage NHS staff to put themselves first. The programme factors in multiple elements of wellness, including guidance on exercise, sleep, diet and stress management, taking into account busy schedules.

Commenting on their new NHS staff programme, James Stark, co-founder at Starks Fitness, says: 

“It's difficult to imagine the stress and strain those working within the NHS are experiencing during this pandemic. Those putting themselves at risk to save others are a real inspiration - that's why we were keen to offer our services, to show our gratitude.

“It's extremely important that these health professionals don't neglect their own wellbeing - so we're providing them with a comprehensive wellbeing plan to keep them healthy in mind and body to enable them to continue to fight the disease on behalf of the rest of us.”

NHS staff can sign up online, and to enable them to reach as many NHS staff as possible, Starks Fitness are working with Health Service Discounts, to promote the offer to their 1.3 million members.