Motivational salon support from Bio-Therapeutic

Bio-Therapeutic has introduced a number of additional support strategies available to salons and skin experts with the aim of alleviating some of the impact and associated stress affecting skin care providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Together with weekly management and retail tips and “How to Guides” being distributed to clients, Bio-Therapeutic's President and CEO, David Suzuki, is recording a series of short, insightful and motivational videos and podcasts for industry professionals on methods to stay positive and productive at this time. The first video kicks off with the theme ‘Glass Half Full'. These bite size videos are available to all and can be viewed online.

David is also putting together and distributing weekly management and retail tips and ‘How to Guides'.

In addition, the company's online learning platform is always available to current Bio-Therapeutic equipment owners, their staff and international industry educators and partners. In addition to new curriculum being created and added every quarter, the company is also now providing personalised Zoom web and video conferencing.

Bio-Therapeutic is also providing two pairs of Nitrile gloves free with every order (whilst supplies last), which skin professionals can use themselves or pass onto vulnerable clients, friends, and family in need of protection at this time.

As a US FDA medical device manufacturer, Seattle-based Bio Therapeutic has been recognised by the Washington Military Department Emergency Management Division and listed in their business re-entry program as an Essential Business, meaning the company can continue to do their part as a manufacturer, maintenance facility and supplier of medical, skincare and sanitation products and technology.