Manicure Company reveal new Pro-Press soft gel tips

The Manicure CompanyProfessional nail brand, The Manicure Company, has launched its new Pro-Press soft gel tip system, which combines pre-shaped soft gel tips with a soft gel adhesive.

Created to deliver speed and consistency for nail professionals, The Manicure Company's Pro-Press system enables a full set of durable nail enhancements to be performed, with gel polish application, in just 35-45 minutes. 

The Pro-Press soft gel tip system features pre-shaped tips to ensure that results are consistent with every set. These expertly moulded tips deliver 21+ days of wear when correctly applied. Tips come in Square, Stiletto and Almond shapes, and are moulded to cover the entire nail plate; they can be filed to your clients' preferred length.

Tips are attached using a soft gel adhesive and flash cured under The Manicure Company's In A Flash LED torch to hold them in place, followed by a 60-second cure in the Dual Pro UV LED lamp.

Clients can also return for infills, completed in the same way as a traditional gel or acrylic enhancement would be.
Removal of The Manicure Company's Pro-Press soft gel tip nail enhancements is also fast, with soak-off using acetone completed in under 10 minutes with no damage or trauma to the client's natural nails.

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