Majestic Towels introduce reflexology leg support

Majestic Towels has introduced a new leg support pillow designed specifically for use during reflexology treatments.

The Wipeable Memory Foam Contour Leg Support Pillow has an ergonomic shape that offers joint support and comfort to ankles, knees and legs during treatment. In addition to promoting better body posture, the pillow's contoured construction can also relieve tension. 

It is manufactured with open cell Memory Foam that moulds to each clients' shape and returns to its original form quickly after each treatment. This construction provides a stable platform for therapists to gently apply the required level of pressure during a reflexology treatment. 

The pillow's generous size (75cm length x 51cm width approx.) means it is also suitable to use during other treatments where clients are reclined. 

From a hygiene perspective, the pillow features a zipped, removable Wipe Clean Cover that is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, featuring The Fresh™ technology which eliminates odours caused by yeast, fungus and bacteria. 

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