Laser and IPL firm appoints Brand Ambassador

Rosy Boulton Lynton LasersRosy Boulton, founder of Crystal Rose Skin Clinic in Ipswich, has been named Brand Ambassador by laser and IPL manufacturer, Lynton. 

Rosy Boulton (RGN BSc) is a registered Nurse Practitioner with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). In her role with Lynton, she will provide promotional, educational and support materials for the Lynton 3JUVE device and the illumiFacial®

Commenting on her appointment as Lynton's Brand Ambassador, Rosy Boulton says:

“I am honoured to be partnering with Lynton. As an advocate of their devices and treatments prior to becoming a brand ambassador, I aim to continue raising awareness of the award-winning brand, their technology and the gold-standard results I have achieved.” 

Hayley Jones, Sales and Marketing Director at Lynton adds: 

“We are delighted to have Rosy Boulton on board as a Lynton Brand Ambassador for the 3JUVE and the illumiFacial®. With the 3JUVE Rosy will draw upon her passion for providing non-invasive skin treatments, alongside her medical knowledge and clinical experience to provide outstanding results for her patients. 

“Rosy is driven by her strong values of natural, safe, and effective treatments that are backed by science and research, values which mirror our own. We believe that Rosy's knowledge, values and experience will help to support the continuous growth of the Lynton brand.”