Luxe Lab introduces new strip & hot waxes

A new professional waxing system has launched, Luxe Lab. 

Designed for professional use only and suitable for sensitive skin types, Luxe Lab waxing products have thin application and low melting points, making them economical to use as well a comfortable for clients. 

The Luxe Lab range includes Golden Hour Strip Wax, Golden Hour Hot Wax, Protect Pre Wax Oil, Cleanse Cleanser Toner, Calm Post Wax Oil, The Buff Mitt for exfoliation, and Ingrown Hair Spray. 

Commenting on the launch of Luxe Lab, brand founder Vicki Gould says: 

"I have wanted to produce my own wax brand for years. Finding the perfect wax alongside a company with the same values as myself was hard to find and I wanted to create an inclusive and innovative brand that could evolve with therapists. Being an inspiring company is as important as the products in my opinion and we don't cut any corners with either. 

“We only produce products with the best ingredients and made in the UK. Years go into the production of each product and nothing is a quick turnaround production with every detail fine-tuned until we have the confidence that the product is exactly what we set out to achieve. 

“I want to provide a community that can nurture students from the start of their career, support them through it and offer progression along the way. The importance of education in treatments, the products and therapists' own businesses is what drives us and will continue to drive us through the progression of our own business. Luxe Lab is more than just a product line for us, it's lifestyle. The Luxe Lab Life.”