LASHUS introduce Gentle Lash Cleanser & brush

LASHUS Gentle Lash Cleanser Eyelash extension brand, LASHUS, has launched Gentle Lash Cleanser to keep LASHUS Extensions looking luscious for longer.

Created to be used daily to maintain lash extensions, the cleanser is  enriched with Chamomile and Ginger extract for a soothing foaming formula. Used daily it will prevent the build-up of make-up and sebum which has a detrimental effect to the adhesive bonds on the natural lash. It will also help to break down any traces of dead skin cells, for clean, refreshed and nourished lashes. 

Commenting on the launch of new LASHUS Gentle Lash Cleanser, Jacki Clarke, LASHUS Lead Educator, says:

"For many years the advice was to not get your lash extensions wet at all, which is why I think many clients stay away from cleansing their extensions thoroughly in fear of damaging their fresh extensions. That doesn't need to be a concern anymore as the Gentle Lash Cleanser can be used daily after 24 hours of the lash extension appointment and is made with a caring, stripped-back formula. You can use it after full set and maintenance appointments and it will cause no damage at all to your beautiful extensions!”

For best results, it is recommended that clients pair the cleanser with the new LASHUS Lash Cleansing Brush to work the foam to the lashes and along the lash line.