Harrods' clinic introduces oxygen facial treatments

The Wellness Clinic at Harrods is set to offer professional oxygen-based skin rejuvenation treatments with OXYjet technology.

The OxyGlow Facial will be delivered using the OXYjet Leo Deluxe, a patented German-made oxygen skin rejuvenation system.

Oxyjet LEOThe device uses non-invasive pressure pulsed oxygen injections to create a deposit of active ingredients in the skin's dermal layer, re-energising skin cells to give the complexion a brighter, fresher appearance.

Each treatment is tailored to every client's individual skin needs incorporating features such as OXYdiamond peeling to encourage skin cell regeneration, antibacterial OXYclear deep cleanse with bio blue light, and the OXYtone which uses a polyrotational head with red or blue bio light to stimulate and tone facial muscles. 

The Wellness Clinic at Harrods is run by Dr Marwa Ali, an expert in facial aesthetics using non-invasive techniques.