Hand-held OXYjet GO anti-ageing device launches

A new patented anti-ageing tool, the OXYjet GO, has been launched in the UK by the company behind the original OXYjet facial rejuvenation systems.
Based upon the original OXYjet technology, the OXYjet Go is a hand-held device modified for use at home or ‘on the go'.

The tool uses microencapsulated oxygen delivered to the deepest layers of the dermis, along with concentrated active ingredients found within OXYjet's formulas, using pulsed pressure.

OXYjet offer two topical serums to use with the OXYjet GO. OXYjet 1 Serum is formulated with Perfluorodecaline, similar to haemoglobin, which penetrates deep into the skin releasing oxygen; Hyaluronic Acid to create greater elasticity; and Meiritage® from the root extracts of Asian herbs, to stimulate collagen synthesis. OXYjet 2 Serum features Commiphora Mikul extract which stimulates the synthesis of lipids to enhance natural plumpness; Pullulan which creates a tightening film on the skin; Sweet Almond Oil; and Glycine Soy Oil, rich in unsaturated fat to strengthens the skin's barrier function.
The treatment is said to encourage skin cell regeneration which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation irregularities for a smoother and more uniform complexion.

In tests conducted by the Dermatest Institute in Germany, the OXYjet GO treatment was shown to successfully pulse active ingredients deep into the skin, filling the intercellular spaces in the epidermis which appear as the skin ages, which resulted in an increased volume in the skin.