Go wild with The Knot Dr.'s new detanglers

The Knot Dr

Hair tool expert The Knot Dr.® has launched two new animal print inspired hair care accessories, The Pro Zebra and The Pro Leopard detangling brushes.

Designed by hairstylist and salon owner John Laverock, The Knot Dr. ® detanglers feature 212 Flexalitebristles to glide through knots and tangles for painless detangling along with oversized ball tips to gently massage the scalp.

The bristles are protected by a matching headcase in pink or orange, ensuring no brush crush or dust, even when on the go.

The Knot Dr.® Pro Zebra and Leopard can be used on all hair types and lengths including wigs and hair extensions, and are durable and heat-resistant. They are suitable for professional and home use, and have an ergonomic design with a rubberised air pad and body for comfort and control whilst brushing.

The Knot Dr.
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