New PMU pigment adapts to suit individual tones

Everlasting Brows YAYA Brow PigmentEverlasting Brows have introduced a new universal tone brow pigment to enable you to treat a diverse range of permanent make-up clients with just one versatile pigment. 

Through the addition of a pigment dilutant, Everlasting Brows YAYA Brow Pigment adapts from a dark brown colour into a softer more subtle hue to suit individual skin and hair tones.

Undiluted, the pigment has cool, neutral and warm tones and is ideal for clients seeking intensity and well-defined features. The addition of the dilutant tones down the pigment to a more natural shade whilst maintaining the colour's warm-cool balance.

Monika Ludwiczak, Co-Founder of Everlasting Brows, explains: 

“Everlasting Brows New YAYA Brow Pigment is an indispensable pigment, allowing the artist to create a versatile colour palette through the intentional dilution. The diluting agent provides the artist with the possibility to finely tune the intensity of its breathtaking dark brown hue. Through various amounts of added dilutant the colour becomes customisable giving Everlasting Brows New YAYA Brow Pigment the power to effortlessly accommodate various client types and different forms of PMU procedures.”

Everlasting Brows pigments are creamy and highly concentrated to ensure hair strokes remain crisp, and as a staple pigment, won't fade to unwanted red, grey, green or purple undertones.

Everlasting Brows