Elleebana new glue-free lash lift rods launch

Lash and brow brand Elleebana has introduced new lash lift rods which require no adhesive to speed up application time and prevent skin irritation.

The Elleebana FLEX Lash Lift Rods are manufactured from an ultra-soft silicone form for a comfortable fit.

They come in four different sizes, including Small for short lashes, Medium for medium length lashes, Large for long lashes, and Extra Large for extra-long lashes with a rod for the left and right side.

Commenting on the launch of the new Elleebana FLEX Lash Lift Rods, Kintija Belska, Lash Expert at Elleebana Europe, says: 

“The New Elleebana FLEX Lash Lift Rods are a complete game changer, I don't know how we ever did lash lift services without them! Not only do they speed up the application time and provide a beautiful C curl curvature on the lashes, you can save on the glue, as you don't need to glue these rods down, just place on the eyelids and start lifting the lashes!”

Elleebana Europe