Doll Beauty announce end of Mink use in lashes

British brand Doll Beauty has announced that it has removed Mink from their eyelash range and are now only using synthetic fibres.

Removing all traces of animal-derived ingredients in their lash products is the brand's first step in becoming vegan-friendly.

Traditional Mink lashes have involved using fur that is either shaved or brushed from a Mink's coat to give lashes a fuller and more voluminous look. However, modern synthetic materials now enable the same look to be achieved without any cruelty to animals or using animal-derived materials. 

Doll Beauty lashes have a lifespan of up to 20 wears, with 25 different styles available from full volume to subtly wispy.
The brand has also attracted interest from famous faces including Jennifer Hudson, Kris Jenner and Paris Hilton.

Commenting on the removing of Mink from their lash products, Dani Gregory, Doll Beauty Co-creator, says:

“We know it's important to our customers to remove all animal traces from our range, we've worked hard behind the scenes with our suppliers to ensure we can still provide the best products without using animal-derived ingredients.”