Dermalogica develop on-the-spot breakout treatment

Dermalogica Deep Breakout Liquid PatchDermalogica have released their answer to overpackaged pimple patches with the launch of Deep Breakout Liquid Patch, a go-to treatment for deep, painful breakouts.

Whilst pimple patches are often visible on the skin, this potent Sulphur-based treatment dries to form a semi-permeable, skin-mimicking film barrier in just a minute. It allows air flow whilst also protecting skin from pollution, irritants and bacteria.

Dermalogica Deep Breakout Liquid PatchThe liquid is formulated with 5% Colloidal Sulphur to combat breakouts and 4% Niacinamide to soothe and fade post-breakout scarring. Camphor delivers a cooling sensation to the skin, and proprietary TT Technology and calming Polylysine support the skin's natural microbiome to minimise oil.

In addition, Pomegranate extract, rich in polyphenol, helps smooth the skin.

As a bonus the product is safe to use during pregnancy unlike some other Salicylic Acid spot treatments. Clients should apply a small amount directly to the skin at the first sign of breakouts.