Post-natal skin & body collection unveiled

Specifically launched for new mums to energise, uplift, comfort and balance both physically and emotionally whilst nourishing the skin, Christopher Courtney have unveiled their Mama Post-Natal Recovery skincare and body care collection.

Products have been expertly formulated using natural and organic ingredients along with cutting-edge science to create a range that helps skin feel nourished and supple with less visible cellulite, stretch marks and caesarean scars.

The collection includes Mama Post-Natal Recovery Omega Youth Restore Face Oil rich in Omega oils, marine and botanical extracts which help to balance, replenish and regenerate cell renewal, improve elasticity, and nourish stressed skin.  Mama Post-Natal Recovery Firming And Nourishing Body Oil has been created to feed, nourish, firm and repair skin on all areas of the body.

Mama Post-Natal Recovery Spa Body Sculpting serum helps tone, tighten and firm loose skin on the body; whilst Mama Post-Natal Recovery Spa Coffee and Seaweed Body Exfoliator is an invigorating and cellulite busting body scrub. 

Mama Post-Natal Recovery Relaxing And Comforting Bath/Shower Gel is a relaxing, revitalising, comforting and pampering evening treatment to help new mums to unwind, whilst Energising And Toning Bath/Shower Gel offers an invigorating, reviving, uplifting morning treatment product to help start the day after a sleepless night. 

Mama Post-Natal Recovery Scar Tissue And Stretch Mark Repair Balm is a luxuriously rich balm which delivers results on scars including Caesarean scars, as it helps the skin maintain its elasticity, suppleness and firmness. 

There are also three nurturing Mama Post-Natal Recovery salon and spa treatments including Body Massage, Glowing Body, and Firming Body.

Christopher Courtney's Mama Post-Natal Recovery treatments are available in the UK at selected salons, and home-use products are available online