Celluma Light Therapy devices enhance face & body treatments

Celluma Light Therapy devices are now available for beauty professionals to enhance salon face and body treatments using coloured light therapy, as well as for managing pain.

In addition, an online Certified Light Therapy Training (up to Level 4) is available to professionals through Wynyard Aesthetics Academy.

Celluma offer a range of light therapy devices for salon and clinic use, including the Celluma PRO and the Celluma ELITE models, FDA cleared as Class II medical devices. Celluma is also CE Marked in the EU as a Class IIa medical device for dermal wound healing.

The Celluma PRO is a versatile, three-in-one light therapy device that features a unique, shape-taking design that enables easy placement anywhere on the face or body. This device is ideal for use following microdermabrasion, micro-needling, waxing and injectable treatments, and treats inflammatory acne vulgaris and full face wrinkles.

The Celluma ELITE is stand mounted on a rolling base with a rotating arm, so it can be easily moved. It is also a three-in-one device that delivers blue, red, and near infrared simultaneously for faster and more enhanced results. As with the Celluma PRO, the ELITE is FDA cleared for treatment of face wrinkles, acne vulgaris, muscle and joint stiffness, muscle tissue tension, muscle spasms, and arthritic pain.

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